PAX10 Selection 2014
Indiecade E3 2014
Indie MEGABOOTH 2014
SXSW 2015 - Official Selection - Gaming Awards
Indiecade Finalist 2014
MIX Selection 2014

NOVA-111 is a sci-fi themed turn-based adventure game with a twist of real-time action! Fighting aliens in space for SCIENCE!

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Game Info

Nova-111 is a game where you must navigate your trusty orange science-vessel through mysterious foreign planets in search for the scientists who were lost into the cosmic real-time vortex.

Solve puzzles and engage in strategic battles with astrobiological creatures in a twisted environment where the turn-based world gradually transforms into real-time!

Collect new abilities and upgrades modules for your ship during your cosmic voyage!

Nova-111 Platforms

Coming to PC/Mac/Linux and Consoles in 2015!

Nova-111 Screenshot

Nova-111 Screenshot

Nova-111 Screenshot


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